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Work Experience


Primal Screen (April, 2017-present)


Position or Title: Freelance animator


Bento Box Entertainment (January, 2017-March, 2017)


Position or Title: IB Animator

Project: Max the Lion


Primal Screen (September, 2016-November, 2016)


Position or Titles: Animation intern

Project: City of Austin


Savannah College of Art and Design  (March, 2014-June, 2016)


Position or Title: Graduate Mentor

Duties: Helping students with their assignments and GPA.


Position or Title: Teaching Assistant

Duties: Helping students with their 3D animation principles assignments.


Lecture at Hainan University (March, 2013– June, 2013)


Employer: Art College of Hainan University

Location: 58 Renmin Road, Haikou, Hainan, 570228

Position or Title: Teacher

Duties: Teaching undergrade students storyboarding and layout design.







Savannah College of Art & Design  (Sep. 2013 – present)


Degree: Master of Fine Arts

Major: Animation

Courses of study included:


             Naturalistic 3D Animation

             Digital Cell

             Computer-generated Modeling and Design

             Animation Aesthetic

             2D Effect Animation

             Graduate Drawing

             Acting for Animator



Tongji University  (Sep. 2007 – July. 2011)


Degree: Master of Arts

Major: Animation




Honors & Awards


 “Fowl Play"-the festival’s Best Animated award of the 2017 BALD Shorts Film Festival (2017)

SCAD 2017 Graduation Show Chair's select Award Achievement in Animation (2017)

International Student Scholarship from Savannah College of Art and Design  (2013-present)

SCAD Honored Grad Scholarship  (2013-present)

Volunteer as customer service at CTN expo  (2014)

The Second Prize Scholarship of Tongji University  (2008)

The Third Prize Scholarship of Tongji University  (2009)

The Guanghua Educational Scholarship  (2009)

The animation short The Cats won the university price of Excellent Senior Project and was nominated for National Competition in Animation by Chinese University Students.







AIGA Conference opening sequence (2017)

Toonboom animator


The New Adventures of Max (2017)

Toonboom animator


City of Austin (2016)

Character designer & Toonboom animator


Fowl Play (2016)

Description: My thesis project.

Director, storyboard artist, layout artist, character designer, background designer, 2D character/effect animator, 3D character animator, modeller, texture artist.


Jumpin Jack (In-progress)

Description: A 2D senior film directed by Grant Whitsitt.

2D character/effect animator.


Dino (In-progress)

Description: A 3D game made by Gannon Faust and his team.

3D character animator.


Breakfast (In-progress)

Description: A senior film directed by Axel Alvarez Garcia.

3D character animator.


Ginny's Book (2015)

Description: A senior film directed by Donnie Ferguson.

3D character animator.


Bat Dance (2015)

Description: A thesis project directed by Anna Vrieling and Katie Olson.

3D character animator.


Kabir (2015)

Description: A collabrative project directed by Mark Carey.

3D character animator.


Aground    (March. 2015- May. 2015)

Description: Collaborative Graduate Film about overcoming grief, completed in 10 weeks, consisting of a core team of 10 animation graduate students at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Character designer, prop designer, layout artist, texture artist, 3D character animator.


The Neighbourly Crocodile    (Apirl. 2015)

Description: A senior film which is about a sweet story between a girl and a neighbourly crocodile. It won the award of Official Selections Short Films of San Diego International Kid's Film Festival 2015.

2D effect animator.


Jasper     (Apirl. 2015)

Description: A graduate film which is about a funny story between a bunny and a spider. 

3D character animator.


West Lake Dream    (Sep. 2014)

Description: A graduate film which uses 3D technique to present Chinese ink effect on textures.

3D character animator.


Digital Campus   (2008)

Description: An undergrade interactive project about inviting people walking around in the campus of Tongji University. Created by 3Dsmax.

3D modeler, texture artist.


Research of the Non-tangible Cultural Heritage of Hainan from the Lenses of Impressionism

 (Nov. 2012)

Description: A senior film about the culture of Li minority. 

texture artist, 2D animator.




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